Colorado Women’s Agenda promotes economic self-sufficiency initiatives and addresses the root causes of racial disparities that disenfranchise women politically.

 Colorado Women’s Agenda is an anti-racist, social justice network that advocates statewide for economic security, political empowerment and race equity. We engage women along a continuum of non-partisan activism, including grassroots organizing, community education, leadership development and political participation at both local and statewide levels.

Many of our programs overlap each other. For example, the majority of incarcerated women commit crimes of poverty. They are mothers of children under 18 and represent the most vulnerable of society.  CWA is assisting lower  income women of color to become financially self-sufficient and knowledgeable of their political and economic rights. This is happening through a variety of programs so they have other options and a support system rather than committing crimes of poverty . We see this as apart of our antiracist work.

In December 2007, CWA held its first Financial Literacy course with participants at Tooley Hall, a 60-bed community corrections program for adult female offenders that works to ensure that participants are prepared for independent community living.

Financial Literacy classes will also be offered at the Center for Work Education and Employment and the Single Mothers of Color Spring Conference on Health and Wealth. Additional Financial Literacy programs will be offered during 2008. Call CWA at 303.863.7336 if you know of a group who would like to learn about financial literacy.

The health and viability of communities and the most vulnerable populations of those communities is directly related to the health of the environment, and the mind-body-spirit connection. Wholeness and security are interrelated. CWA is committed to practicing loving kindness and non-harming action to ourselves, the community and the environment. At the same time, systems of injustice, hate and exploitation must be dismantled. We incorporate this philosophy into our organizational decision-making and invite our constituents to practice  as we all expand our consciousness in new ways of actualizing justice and wholeness. CWA by centralizing low-income women of color, is not starting from a point of “prevention” but of healing.