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CWA is in a state of transitioning away from dependency on foundations and focusing more on being dependent on our constituents. This frees us to create our own programs that better meet women’s needs rather than being forced to create a program to meet a foundations idea of what women’s needs are. For more information please refer to our Non-Profit Industrial Complex (NPIC) webpage. Donate!! Just click on the icon.
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 2008 Legislative Priorities
Please refer to state bills that CWA is endorsing and contact your legislator to vote in a way that positively impacts Colorado women and girls. Check out our 2008 Legislative Priorities page.


CWA volunteers are required to have an understanding of where our organization stands in regards to the inclusion of varying intersecting identities of disenfranchised women. This includes reading our Inclusivity Blueprint and participating in our inclusiveness training(s). Please refer to our anti-racist resource page as well. We also highly recommend participating in our Book Club Forums and understanding the intricacy of the Non-Profit Industrial Complex (NPIC) and how CWA is responding to our growing understanding of this complexity.

Even if you decide to volunteer/intern/work for another non-profit , the understanding of real inclusivity, white privilege, and its relationship to the NPIC will profoundly impact your social justice work and everyone you interact with.

Check out our Volunteer page as well as our Coalition page for positions in CWA and in other orgs.