The Colorado Women’s Agenda (CWA) is a non-partisan, social justice network that advocates statewide for economic security, political empowerment and racial equity for all of Colorado’s women. We engage women along a continuum of activism, including grassroots organizing, community education, leadership development and political participation at both local and statewide levels.

In 1986, more than 400 racially and economically diverse women and men from across Colorado came together at a statewide conference with a common vision of achieving social justice by changing spending priorities from military build-up to meeting basic human needs. In 1993, Colorado Women’s Agenda was incorporated into a 501 (c)(3) non-profit and has continued to evolve. Since 2003 CWA has been actively engaged in anti-racism work. In response to feedback from partner organizations and past board members we determined that this was the best avenue for completing our mission and expanding our base. We believe that no real systemic change can occur unless racism and it’s prevailing effects are continually addressed.

The long-term goals of Colorado Women’s Agenda are to: 1) Empower women to take collective action on their own behalf and alter the relations of power; 2) Create a learning community of women leaders who are advocates for progressive social change and build their leadership skills and confidence through personal and political learning experiences; 3) Engage a statewide constituency of women– and their allies – at the grassroots level in the design and promotion of a bold, progressive legislative and policy agenda which ensures economic security and social justice for all women in Colorado; 4) Dismantle institutional polices, structures and practices within our own organization that encourage or perpetuate race, class and culture discrimination; and 5) Build a strong grassroots, woman-centered, anti-racist organization and promote collaboration on these ideals within the progressive community.